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Nest Thermostat E

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  • The Nest Thermostat E turns itself down when you’re away
  • Frosted display is beautifully designed to blend right in
  • Turn it up or down from anywhere:
  • Remote control – From your phone, tablet or laptop
  • Check your energy history – See how much you save, and see how to save more
  • Know if there’s a problem – Nest can tell you about your furnace, filters and more
  • Family accounts – Everyone at home can use the Nest app
  • Look for the Nest Leaf – When you change to an energy-saving temperature, you’ll see the Nest Leaf
  • Start with a simple schedule – Up in the morning, down at night. Adjust it whenever you like from the Nest app
  • Turns itself down when you leave – It uses your phone’s location to know you’re away
  • Savings all year round – With our energy partners, you can get rebates, rewards and other ways to save
  • Nest products are made to work together, and they can even work with lights, locks and other products in your home
  • If Nest Protect detects smoke, it can tell your Nest Thermostat E to turn off the heat to help keep the danger from spreading throughout your home
  • Easy to install – Most people install their Nest Thermostat in 30 minutes or less